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Can You Benefit from Concrete Staining?

concrete stain tampaConcrete is usually thought of as being gray and dreary. However, concrete stain can add color, life and vibrancy to this once-drab substance. Homeowners all over Tampa are finding the benefits offered by concrete staining and are transforming their homes, decks, patios and driveways with innovative, creative applications.

What Is Concrete Stain

Of course, before you can realize the full benefits offered here, you need to know a bit more about what concrete staining is all about. Is this nothing more than concrete paint? Actually, stained concrete is something very different.
Concrete is naturally porous – it absorbs fluids and substances that make their way onto the surface. This is why you need to ensure a good sealer is applied to the concrete. Because concrete is gray, it provides an ideal surface for applying other colors. You’ll find that stained concrete can be used to achieve an almost limitless number of color combinations.

Acid Stain – How It Works

Most concrete staining is done with the use of acid stain. This is a mixture of hydrochloric acid and metallic salts. Once the stain penetrates the surface, it reacts with the concrete (with the lime in the mixture, to be specific). This reaction etches the surface and helps the color penetrate more deeply into the concrete. When it has penetrated and dried, the stain is permanent.

Varying Colors

Just like staining a piece of wood, stained cement floors, driveways and patios will show different colors and patterns. This allows every application to be unique – based on the way that the concrete absorbs the stain. This provides natural character and color variations throughout the same application, as well, offering greater diversity and beauty.

Finding a Decorative Concrete Contractor Tampa

If concrete staining sounds like the best way to add more curb appeal to your home, then you need to find the right contractor in Tampa. Not all area contractors offer staining services, so you will need to choose carefully. In addition, while price is certainly important, you should choose your contractor based on reputation and service history, rather than making a decision based on the ultimate cost alone.

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