Adding Custom Garage Storage Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Do you need help finding a place to store your tools, sports gear, or gardening supplies? Don’t worry; there’s a floor-to-ceiling answer for you. Your space can be safe and valuable if you use the right way to store your things.

Now is the time to look at some popular custom storage options that help you seize the most out of your spaces.

It helps you get things done faster, whether doing simple daily tasks or big projects like remodeling or maintenance, like getting garage flooring Tampa services. Now is the time to quickly and affordably brighten up your concrete floors!

Custom Storage For Any Spaces

Custom storage solutions can significantly affect how well you can do your tasks. There are many ways to keep everything safe, from custom cabinets to overhead ones.

Your storage solutions go well with epoxy flooring as well. It is essential for making a surface that lasts, can be seen, and is easy to clean.
Let’s explore the three main categories for it.

storage shelves for car tools

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinetry is for any space you want to fit it in. It is one of the ways to make a clean storage look while still being accessible.

Instead of buying pre-fabricated cabinets, you can tailor cabinets to cater to your needs.
They can be from any material, including wood, metal, and plastic. 

Some examples you can personalize the look and dimensions are pull-out shelves, roll-out trays, lazy susan in a cabinet, corner drawers, pull-out trash bins, etc.

Cover the top of the floor cabinets’ countertops with epoxy. It will be a table and a cupboard at the same time. 

Plus, it will give the floor a clean, uniform look, make it last longer, and be less likely to get scratched, stained, or damaged in other ways. For your epoxy flooring, you have a lot of alternatives to select from.

Open Wall Storage

Garage wall storage systems are an excellent option for those who need to maximize their garage space.

Wall storage is most effective for items you quickly need to access. Plus, the wall gives more space for storage without taking up floor space. You can use this to store bikes, sports equipment, or gardening tools.

Adding custom storage solutions helps you eliminate clutter and organize your space. It also gives you more room to move around on the floor. That is especially helpful when putting on an epoxy floor coating that needs a clean, debris-free surface.

There are many formats of garage wall storage systems that you can use in any busy space. For instance, you can use slat walls, pegboards, magnetic strips, and tool racks.

Newly installed garage cabinets in garage

Overhead Storage

The best way to store things is on the ceiling. But you might need a ladder or pulley system to get to it.

Adjustable, heavy-duty frames can hold bulky things. On the other hand, pulley systems use a rope and pulley to move items up and down so they are easy to reach. 

On the bright side, it’s a great place to store essential, seasonal, or unused things, like holiday decorations or outdoor gear.

Using overhead storage, you can make more room on the floor of your garage and keep it clean and organized. Again, you can use that for any work you want on the floor.


Floors To Ceiling Organization

Custom storage solutions can help you maximize both efficiency and safety. Combine custom storage options with high-quality garage epoxy flooring. 

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