Coastal Color Palette: Why It’s a Must-Have for Indoor and Outdoor Design

A coastal color palette is one of the most underrated design elements for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. When placed on the wrong hands it can be quite as kitschy as an outdated nautical color palette. However, with the right design choices, you will be able to create classy looking concrete patios and pool decks with this color scheme.

The coastal color palette inspires the feeling of ease and relaxation. It can be mistaken for its cousin the nautical color palette. Both color schemes are dominated by cool blue hues. However, there’s more room for neutrals on a coastal color palette. This is because while nautical takes inspiration from sailing, coastal is inspired by the immersive experience of being on the shore and enjoying the sea.

Creating the Perfect Coastal Color Palette

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This palette can be quite tricky to master but one thing you should remember is that neutrals in this palette are never boring. If you don’t know where to star, imagine being on the beach. When is the most ideal time to be enjoying the sand and sea for you? During sunset? If so, you can lean into warm tones.

Do you enjoy going to the beach on the afternoons? Cerulean blue, beige, and a light sky blue is best for you. Take inspiration from the natural shifting colors seen when spending a day on the coast.

How it Should be Applied

When it comes to application one of the best practices would be to choose the most neutral hue on your coastal palette as a dominant color. From there, you can build around secondary and accent colors. This will help you decide how you can use the colors depending on how much visual space a certain area or item takes up.

Accent colors are best for decorative pieces. Dominant colors can be painted on the walls for a backdrop. Other colors give you the liberty to explore your creative side.

Contact your local decorative contractor to find out how you can apply this cool and breezy color palette on concrete surfaces. Applications such as stamped concrete overlays are one of the most in-demand and fitting for all your areas from patios to pool decks. Want more? Read our blog about Home improvement projects for the summer.

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