Does Concrete Stain Fade?

One good question to ask right before deciding to have your floor concrete stained is this: does concrete stain fade? While many are raving about the advantages of concrete stains, one thing seems to be overlooked—its durability.

So, really, does concrete stain fade? The answer is yes.

Most people like concrete stains because they yield unique, vibrant colors and results. There are two types of concrete stains—the acid and water-based stains. The acid stained concrete is said to be long lasting compared to the water-based ones since it penetrates to the concrete’s particles. However, acid stains also have limitations. In general, concrete stains—be it acid or water-based—do not last for years as we expect them to be. You will have to periodically re-apply coats of stain so as to protect its surface.

There are a lot of reasons why concrete stains do not last forever. These include sunlight, dirt, humidity, and other environmental elements that cause colors to fade at a certain period of time. Wear and tear is also a factor. Usually, concrete stains only last up to five years, depending on the location of the concrete and the amount of its exposure to harmful elements. You can set staining sessions after every five years. It is also advisable to put a sealant to your newly stained floors as the ammonia and water will help neutralize the stain. This way, the stain also gets extra protection from harmful elements.

Floors that are stained (either with acid or dye stain) still require cleaning. Oil, dirt, and grease must always be removed. Often, people use harsh soaps and detergent to clean it. Scrubbing, followed by a pressure washer rinse, is also one of the reasons why concrete stains fade.

Again, does concrete stain fade? Yes, but this should not stop you from choosing concrete stains. You can always find ways on how you can prolong its life anyway so just enjoy choosing the right color and finish you want your floor to have.

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