Are Concrete Floors Cheaper than Tile and other Concrete Floor Options?

Concrete flooring and concrete floors have been one of the most popular flooring option choices. There are lots of decorative concrete options, and prices vary depending on which design you will choose. In this article, we will compare concrete flooring costs and costs for other concrete options.

Concrete Vs. Tile Flooring

When it comes to durability, ease of maintenance, longevity, tile, and concrete are almost the same. Concrete floors and tile floorings are both durable and can withstand heavy objects such as furniture. Both are generally easy to maintain. On top of that, these flooring options also are very resistant to stains and other damages.

Concrete Floorings Advantage

concrete floor

Concrete floors would only require waxing and sealing every six months, while regular cleaning is good to go for tiles. When it comes to longevity, concrete can last a lifetime with proper maintenance, while tiles can last up to 50 years, still not bad. 

Aesthetically speaking, concrete and decorative concrete options are the top choice for a wide array of available colors and designs. 

Concrete floors are also resistant to wear and tear. Do you need your kitchen floor, bathrooms, and bedroom to resist water and become anti-slip? Concrete does floor protection so well.

Tile Floorings Aesthetics

earthy color of stamped concrete patio

Resistant and durable floors are also true to tile floorings. Add to that tiles come in a variety of patterns. They also come in a lot of different colors and textures.

That is why many opt for tiles when it comes to aesthetic preferences. Yet, when it comes to prices and affordability, this is where their difference is.

Affordability Matters

concrete floor being power wash

For concrete flooring, it would only cost you three to seven dollars per square foot. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and generally easier to maintain, thus having a low cost for maintenance and cleaning. 

On the other hand, ceramic tile and tile flooring would usually cost you eleven to twenty dollars per square foot, making concrete floors a more affordable and less expensive flooring option.

Considering Other Flooring Materials

Wood flooring and wood laminate is also an option, but it would cost you up to ten dollars per square foot. If you love doing something new and look for the most expensive option, natural stone and marble are what you are looking for, ranging from twenty dollars and as much as fifty dollars per square foot. Stamped concrete and other concrete flooring options also provide the same result that you can see on a polished concrete surface.


Are concrete floors cheaper than tile and other flooring options? Given this information, it is clear now that polished concrete and polished concrete floorings are a more affordable flooring option as compared to ceramic tile and other flooring material. 

With a lower cost per square foot, fewer cleaning and maintenance expenses, and longevity like no other, concrete floors and polished concrete is undoubtedly a cheaper and wiser installation to use in your properties. Concrete is your best choice today, especially with a tight and limited budget. 

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