Designing an Accessible Pool Deck: Inclusive Design

Design principles evolved dramatically from old-world perspectives that use bold and exaggerated designs to modern-minimalist styles. But nowadays, modern architecture design experts like Tarek Merlin are putting more emphasis on function and usability.

Functional spaces are now getting the spotlight as much as aesthetic appeal. One of the top considerations of those who create space as floors, decks, halls, and pathways is to incorporate function into their finfish products.

One of the most sought-after design principles that any flooring spaces, homes, and establishments must include is inclusive design.

outdoor swimming pool with functional pool deck

Including Inclusive Design on Different Surfaces

Inclusive design is not boxed within the architecture walls. In fact, this design principle is widely expressed in the webspace and other learning profession.

Making use of any device, structure, or system and making them accessible to everyone as t the core of inclusive designs.

Inclusive means anyone has access to a space in terms of flooring surfaces and layout. Furthermore, anyone should be able to use it, when a space or a functional area like an indoor room or an outdoor facility like pools, sunrooms, gardens, and backyards.

For something to be usable for anyone who needs it must then be accessible, with no bounds, no limitations.

Designing Inclusive Backyard Pools and Concrete Outdoor Decks

Imagine these settings in our own backyard. Let us apply this to your backyard swimming pools. In the following discussion, you will get tips, ideas, and practical steps to creating an inclusive backyard pool area.

1. Accessible Pool Decks Ramp

Luxury meant for aesthetics and instagrammable scenery would usually feature open-styled, Tampa concrete pool deck, with decorative patterns making them the focal attraction in the yards. And using a stylish layout, will no doubt attract anyone to splash in the waters, especially if you are using your pool areas for profit.

However, it compromises an important function, such as inclusivity. Have you included in your pool design ideas people with disabilities? The answer to your lack of inclusivity in your pool deck areas is to add ramps to them.

While your decks are going to be built with concrete surfaces finished with slip-resistant pool deck coatings and overlays, they still need the ramps to assist PWDs. Not just PWDs will be enthusiastic about diving in your pools; the elderlies and even young children who need safety will be comfortable and not hesitate to take a dip in your pools.

When pool goers feel so safe in your pool area, that will attract more customers for business pools. Meanwhile, at home, inclusive elements and features to your outdoor decks will benefit every member of your household.

above ground swimming pool with ramp

2. Tactile Pool Deck Pathways

Another inclusive design you must add to your backyard pool surfaces is textured pool deck pathways. The textures make use of patterns that will intensify the skid-proof surface.

3. Zero-Entry Accessibility

Instead of using your conventional above-the-ground concrete pool decks, you can ask instead your Tampa concrete pool deck contractors to customize the designs.

This is also why you must work with pool installers and pool deck concrete resurfacing contractors who are open to customizations. By incorporating the inclusive design into your custom pool deck, you can create modern, practical, and accessible “zero-entry decks.”

Does that sound new to you? This idea is also known as inclusive pool entry design. The idea came out as an inspiration from the actual ocean. It is designed like the natural layout of the beachside, where the land warps with seawater.

The decks will slope down as it nears the water. This eliminates the need to build steps or extended decks where someone has to climb in or out. This is a perfect design for people who has difficulties climbing out of the pool using laddered steps. It is inclusively accessible to people with walking problems and a high risk of using water facilities.

swimming pool view at night

4. Visual and Multisensory Communication Aids

Last on our list, you have pool deck visual aids, which are essential for assisting individuals with cognitive impairments.

While adding too many elements can defeat your aim at boosting your pool decks’ aesthetic appeal, there are now many ways to throw in helpful visual devices and other pool features to incorporate inclusivity.

For example, and as a quick takeaway from our blog, you can add water features like a built-in spa-jacuzzi for someone who can be disadvantaged from diving n a pool.

Sometimes these types of features are helpful for people with anxiety and mental challenges. With a corner pool away from the crowd, they can still enjoy immersing in the waters without the stress of jumping into conversations with people, which can be stressful for those who are having a hard time socializing.

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