Two Unusual Products that Remove Concrete Driveway Stains

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A concrete driveway is prone to spills and stains. Especially coming from the vehicles that drive through it. It can get really frustrating to remove these stains. If you think you’ve tried anything and everything to remove the stains on your driveway, don’t give up just yet. Try these unusual products that remove concrete driveway stains.

Kool-Aid for Rust

That’s right. This iconic powdered drink will give anyone who drinks too much a sugar-induced high (and quite possibly, diabetes) and it can clean those rust stains. Don’t act so surprised, the artificial preservative of this mixed drink helps it last longer on this earth than you or I ever will. If it can outlive both of us, then it can take that stubborn rust stain any day.

Instructions: Mix some unsweetened lemon Kool-Aid with piping hot water. Put down that straw and get a brush. Scrub away the rust stain. As the saying goes, “Don’t drink the kool-aid” Use it to clean up that nasty stain instead.


By now you might be thinking that this is some weird propaganda against America’s favorite sugary drinks. And it might be, but the point is: soda can clean those driveway stains! Yes, there are other ways you can use soda aside from intentionally and knowingly, destroying your body. Now, put all that sugar and artificial flavoring to work.

Instructions: Sit back because this is going to be a long one. Get a bag of kitty litter (shouldn’t this be on the list?), a couple of cans of cola, a broom with stiff bristles, bucket, detergent, and bleach. If you want to keep your eyesight after this little project, bring out some goggles and a pair of gloves won’t hurt either.

Detect the stain. Cover it with a thin layer of kitty litter and brush it in good. Sweep off the litter and half-heartedly, pour a can of cola on the area. As if that isn’t heart wrenching enough, now’s the time to rub salt into the wound. Work the cola in with the broom and leave it there for 20 minutes. That other can of cola? Drink it to recover like the soda addict you are. Mix ¼ cup detergent with ¼ cup bleach in a gallon of water to wipe up that sweet, sugary mess.

Note: Kitty litter is one of the few things where recycling isn’t a good idea. Make sure to use a fresh batch.

For more interesting articles, let us bust some myths on epoxy floors. If you need information on concrete driveway services, visit our homepage. Get a glass of Kool-Aid or a can of cola while you’re at it. I know you want to.

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