3 Epoxy Flooring Myths that Need to be Ignored

For whatever purpose, there are myths circulating about epoxy floor coatings. Most of them discourage home and business owners from turning to contractors to have their floors resurfaced. It is important to remind people that not everything being said is true. Here are some of the myths and facts about epoxy flooring.

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“It is the same as painting the garage floor.”

This is absolutely untrue. A lot of people confuse epoxy paint with epoxy floor coating. These are two different things. Epoxy paint is just wall paint with a hint of epoxy to enhance adhesion. Epoxy floor coating is a mix of resin and hardener that is meant for use on floors. It bonds well to the concrete, making the floor tougher and more resistant to damage. It won’t peel or flake like wall paint would. Also, it is not advisable to paint floors. The high foot traffic will eventually wear it out.

“Epoxy flooring is pricey.”

The cost of epoxy flooring is highly influenced by several factors. The total size of the floor area, how much surface preparation is needed, and any customized look or effects requested by the client. Epoxy is a cost-effective floor coating. It may seem like a pricey product initially but it is tough, durable, and resistant to damage. This means you wouldn’t have to alter or repair your floor for several years, cutting down on repair, replacement, and maintenance costs.

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“Anyone can install it.”

Although there are epoxy flooring DIY kits available in local home improvement stores, it is not as simple as you might think. The surface must be prepared well enough, clear of any oil or moisture, to make sure that the epoxy adheres as it should. Also, epoxy can be quite tricky to apply because of its consistency. If you must use epoxy flooring, leave the application to the experts.

There will always be myths and rumors spreading about epoxy flooring and, most of the time, it would be negative and discouraging. However, do not believe them. If you want accurate information, you can always consult a local epoxy flooring expert. Many home and commercial space owners have used epoxy on their interior floors, mostly on the garage floor, and with positive results. It is highly recommended to do proper research on a product before deciding to use it. This way, you can determine if it offers features that would benefit you the most.


Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular garage flooring options today. However, just like with most floor coatings, you will find several myths and rumors about, mostly negative. If you are not careful, it would be easy to believe them and feel discouraged to even try epoxy on your floors. The most common and most untrue myth are those about how epoxy is just like painting, how pricey it is, and how anyone can install it. These do not hold true so you must ignore them. Each one is explained in detail so as to equip you with enough knowledge about epoxy flooring. Learn more about the difference between Epoxy and Polyurea Polyaspartic flooring material.

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