8 Essential Home Improvement Projects to Complete This Summer

This summer has probably been all about hot days in the pool and fun on the beach. But summer is also a great time to set about doing some home improvements to prepare your home for the colder months that come after summer ends.

Think of it as the season to get all the essential home work done before it gets too cold! Here are the 8 essential home improvement projects to take on this summer:

Install New Outdoor Seating

Chances are, the seating you use outdoors has been the same for quite some time now. Think of 2019 as the year to finally update your outdated chairs into some sleek modern and more comfortable ones. To make things more fun, install seating options like hammocks and hanging chairs!

rattan inspired outdoor couch with colorful throw pillow

Spiff Up your Flooring with Stamped Concrete

If your outdoor floors have some cracks in them from the heat of the sun or if you’re simply getting bored of them, consider getting new stamped concrete floors

They have great durability, longevity, and amazing customization options to help you get the floors you’ve always wanted. They’re also a great cost-effective option for improving the floors of your home

Make Inspections

Compared to the other things on this list, making inspections isn’t the most exciting thing to do this summer. But it’s an incredibly important task you should complete before the summer ends. Check over the plumbing, the electrical wires, and the appliances to ensure there isn’t anything that may cause you serious problems later in the year.

Add Some Greenery

Start preparing early for the spring and add some natural elements to your indoors and outdoors with some plants. Create an interesting landscape of greenery at home by choosing a variety of plants and herbs that can be flowering, tall, or even edible like fruits and vegetables.

green plants on the entryway

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

We know you love your grill and we know you probably already consider that your outdoor kitchen, but outdoor kitchens have been rising in popularity lately and we know why. Not only do they make a gorgeous focal point for your outdoors that is perfect for entertaining, but they also make cooking outdoors easier and neater.

outdoor kitchen with oven and a sink

Repaint What Needs To Be Repainted

Paint fades, cracks, and peels and that’s just a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean we should just leave it as is. The summertime is a great time of the year to tackle all the repainting that needs to be done both indoors and out. 

And whether you choose to DIY it or hire a professional for your refinishing needs, it is a cost-effective home improvement project that pumps out fast and great results.

Do a Power Wash

Give all your outdoor areas a new shine and look with a power wash to get rid of the grime that has built up all year. Not only does it clean the surface, but it also ensures that things like mold and mildew that can damage it are eliminated.

Install Some House Fans

Summer days can be expensive when all rooms of the home have air conditioning units pumping out cooled air. It can also be a wasteful energy expense. Cut down on your energy usage and on air conditioning costs by installing ceiling fans that effectively cool rooms at lower costs.

Ceiling fans also come in a variety of designs so they can be a great decorative addition to any room.

Want more? Check out our blog about Cool and Warm colors for outdoor concrete floors or learn more about our work in our homepage. We’de be glad to make your home improvement projects come true. Consult with us today!

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