Ideas For Home Renovations in Tampa 2021

What exactly makes Tampa residences appeal more than others? Concrete floors Tampa makes all the difference by bringing a polished, seamless look to the surface.

Just by uplifting the floors in every part of your property, you can amaze any guest who visits you in your home. Here are some of the few things to inspire and start your home renovations.

  • Bathroom remodel
  • Replacing old floors
  • Resurfacing concrete floorings
  • Installing new kitchen equipment or hardware
  • Revamping the garage into a man cave
  • HVAC system upgrade 
  • DIY hacks to your bedroom 
  • Resurfacing outdoor concrete floors
  • Building Outdoor living spaces

Tampa Homes Renovation Tips

Renovation requires you to be like an eagle. You must see what is ahead. That trick only works if you know where to start. Only then and there will you soon get to your options like materials, style, and design. 

Also, after you choose where to start, you will pin down any idea you want to incorporate inside your homes. May it be your basement, living rooms, kitchens, or the garage area, knowing where to start leads you to the right path.

All renovations start bottom-up. Begin with the floors. Floor resurfacing is one good way to start. It involves preparing the floors that let you empty everything out of your properties.

Now, imagine a clear flooring, spacious room, and nothing inside. And now you have a blank space where all possibilities happen.

Here are tips you can follow as you look for ideas for your home renovation.

  • If you plan to renovate your entire home, start with the exterior.
  • Working with a general contractor or not, you should make sure that no construction detail is left insight.
  • Plan your renovation and list down all the work that needs to do.
  • In connection with the above tip, create a note or spreadsheet to all your materials, tools, finishings, etc.
  • Label your things, appliances, accessories, or equipment. Separate or identify what stays and what goes to the trash or giveaways.
  • Check the floorings. You may have tiles, wood, or concrete floors. Make sure that tilework, concrete slabs, and steps are in perfect shape.

Ideas to Include in Your Renovations

Since renovation involves turning the whole place around, you might want to check for areas at home that require your attention. For example, you need to see if there are wiring systems that may cause fires. Also, check if the alarm systems or heating systems need repair. Here are ideas that you can do.

1. Fixing the Lights & Adding Dimmers

The lighting at your home is as important as the concrete floors that keep you safe at every step. Remember the tip above about electrical wirings? Your home renovation is the perfect time to include the light fixtures in your place. While replacing wires and fixing some, why not install dimmers at this time. Dimmers are devices that you add to the light switches. It controls how bright or dim the light is. It is not enough that you use the ordinary switch. Dimmers also help to save energy consumption.

Hand turning on grey dimmer switch

2. Brighten Up the Bathrooms

Bathrooms often get left behind. But don’t you know repairing or redesigning the bathrooms is one of the best renovation ideas? Have you checked where your bathrooms are located? Some good renovations for this part of the house are tearing down the walls and openings and providing natural ventilation that lets air flow naturally inside our homes.

Instead of enclosing the bathrooms with only a small window at one side, why not install higher walls and ceiling and size up the windows.

3. Stripped Down the Concrete Structures

Nordic style living room

You may have tiles for the walls and floorings of your kitchen and restroom. Or other materials that seem to detach from the slabs. You may now want to try to strip down the materials and go for a Nordic room look. 


The bare grey concrete on floors and walls surfaced. If you renovate the spaces in your home, you can maximize the look of nude concrete materials to modernize your properties. Going for the stripped look also saves you expenses for installing other material to cover the grey slabs

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