Interlocking and Texture Stamped Concrete Patterns

The decorative concrete industry is one of the most popular among home and business owners nowadays, without a doubt. Stamped concrete, in particular, has made it possible for people to acquire expensive-looking concrete spaces without the high price tag that comes with the real thing. There are two types of stamp mats used to imprint on a concrete overlay: interlocking and concrete texture stamps. Here is a brief look at each one.

Interlocking Stamped Concrete Patterns

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When it says interlocking, it means it overlaps and connects with each other like a jigsaw puzzle. The next piece must continue the pattern where the first piece left off. The installer must be cautious and focused when using this type of stamping mats to make sure that the imprint looks connected and flows naturally all throughout.

The drawback to this type of mat is that it can be quite difficult to use on concrete spaces with curves or joints. A little gap in between mats will make the pattern broken and look awkward, definitely not how you would want it to look especially since you are trying to replicate an actual material.

Texture Stamped Concrete Patterns

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This type of stamp mat features a natural stone texture that you can stamp all throughout a concrete overlay, regardless of joints or curves. You can overlap them all you want and leave gaps in between to be stamped later on and it would not make a difference in the results. The textured surface can then be cut or engraved with lines to make it look like pavers or differently-sized stones put together to form a walkable surface.

Some may think that the lines cut or engraved on the surface will look unnatural but it actually doesn’t. The texture makes the surface look like real fractured slate, flagstone, or whatever stone texture it is you were going for.

Stamped concrete patterns, especially those that aim to replicate high-end materials, can be quite a challenge to do on your own. It is important to hire a contractor who has the knowledge and skill to do it effectively. Stamped concrete is the best ways to acquire the beauty of natural stone without breaking your bank. Popular patterns include fractured slate, flagstone, travertine, cobblestone, and more. Just make sure that you ask about what type of stamp mat the contractor uses and what is best for the type of concrete space you want to have the stamping done.

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