Stamped Concrete Overlay Patterns and Designs: Complete Guide

Stamped concrete is a popular way of sprucing up home driveways and other areas around the home.

Is it your back yard or front yard that needs uplifting? Stamped Concrete Tampa firms have hundreds of designs that will enhance any part of your properties as long as you have available space or an already existing concrete stamped overlays will fit just right.

Let today’s post be your guide to stamped patterns and designs!

Have you considered resurfacing your driveways, patios, or pool decks with any of these?

Classic Stamped Overlay Pattern

  • Paver stone
  • Brick
  • Slate Patterns
  • Flagstone
  • Wooden planks
  • Cut Cobblestones
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You might be one finicky commercial space owner wanting the best for the business. Or a homeowner who got an eye for design and loved the nitty-gritty of styling a home. The Decorative Tampa team specializes in all these.

Are you now enticed and want to jazz up the interior concrete flooring in your house? Concrete Overlays Tampa has a slew of stunning patterns that will bring style to wherever it is at your home.

All aboard! Here are all the latest timeless and modern Stamped Patterns and Designs, explained!

Stamped Concrete: The Professional Choice

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These days concrete contractors across the country can make concrete resemble just about anything. Designs and patterns of paving stones, bricks, seamless skin color, and wood – yes, you read that right, concrete with a design that makes it look like wood.

Concrete stamping is the choice of most professionals for building outdoor floorings. If someone wants to build a patio, it is stamped concrete that makes the practical choice.

Stamped concrete patterns and designs are not only limited to the housing industry. These designs had come a long way from when it was first used back in the late 1960s and 1970s. In those early days, designs and patterns were limited; nowadays, pretty much anything is possible.  

What are Overlays?

When you say stamped concrete overlays, these are patterns from newly poured concrete. Overlays are distinctly for resurfacing existing concrete floors. It is decorative concrete over concrete.

You may have a previously installed stamped patio. You may upgrade it more with other patterns or customize it by topping it with an overlay.

1- Classic Stamped Overlays Designs

Concrete Stamping Tampa outfits have some very skillful workers ready to turn the interior or exterior of any house into a home of the 21st century. Stamped concrete patterns and designs are not only limited to the housing industry.

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  • Random and Natural Stone Patterns.

Stone patterns naturally occur outdoors. Instead of keeping an exposed rocky soil in your gardens and patios, why not resurface it with stamped overlays.

The stone look usually comes in a mix of bluish-grey colors that reminisce the sediments from rivers and oceans. These random stone patterns appear in various irregular shapes. Then it keeps a polished, smooth surface.

Pebbled floors also come from this look.

  • Brick and Cobbles Stones

If you want to keep it classic and lowkey, brick and cobblestone patterns offer you that style. 

These days one can find office buildings, hotels, casinos, and other commercial business buildings, with brick-stamped wonderfully designed concrete. Hotels, in particular, recently tend to have stamped concrete in or near the lobby.

Here are various forms of the timeless brick and cobblestones patterns:

  • Herringbone. Creates an alternate continuous V-pattern
  • Running bond. Traditional brick pattern
  • European cobblestone 
  • Fan cobblestone
  • Basketweave brick pattern
  • Ashlar Slate

Ashlar slate patterns are timeless concrete patio and pool decking designs. Back in the days, when technology has yet advanced. Builders used hand-chiseled stones as building blocks for roads or other concrete surfaces.

2- Slate Textures

Slate patterns are for those who are keen on flooring textures. If you will notice there is an increasing focus on textured concrete. 

slate floor with pattern

If you want to depart from the classic stamped concrete designs, textured stamped designs are what you may follow next. There’s a bunch of modern slate texture concrete owners going nuts for today. It will take days to go over each of those, so here is a quick list for you to check out in the coming days.

  • Roman slate
  • Smooth roman texture
  • Seamless slate
  • Brickform slate
  • Brickform Smooth Slate
  • Grey tones slate
  • Heavy texture
  • Shale Slate Texture

3- Carved Designs

Here is how stamped concrete evolves. You may update by carving images on the overlay. The concrete surface appears to have a multi-flooring system. 

stamped concrete tampa

These designs are common to concrete walls, but now you can update your classic stamped concrete.

Why Stamped Concrete Never Gets Old

Stamped concrete never gets old. Why?

Take a look at the old-world architecture. Does it not fascinate anyone who looks at it? Show pictures of grotesque structures from the time of Rembrandt and Micheal Angelo. The traditional concrete building makes anyone wide-eyed.

Concrete floors do the same. Bold and intricate patterns that look a natural part of the concrete surface awes the eyes of those in love with natural aesthetics.

Classic tells stories. Timelessness is always timely. You will never go wrong if you want stamped concrete now. Even if you have old slabs with stamped designs, concrete resurfacing lets you achieve brand new styles without discarding your old concrete floors away. 

Ways to Update Your stamped Concrete

Concrete contractor Tampa knows how much you love your concrete floors. And it is true, as well, that letting go of your long-time companion with stamps is not an easy task. 

It is very true for hands-on homeowners who mark their creative taste on the stamp designs they own. Are you also one of them?

So, now check this out! Here are ways to re-up the stamped concrete floors that you always love.

  • Concrete Recoloring
  • Refinishing
  • Stamped Concrete Resurfacing
  • Repolishing
  • Stamped concrete restoration
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