Spray Knockdown Texture Tampa, FL: The Original Concrete Coating for Pool Decks

Today, concrete pool deck resurfacing is a low-cost home improvement job. However, that was not always the case. You had to install tile, stone, or anything that could withstand the frequent exposure to water splashes, outdoor weather changes, and more. Well, that was until the spray knockdown texture came into existence. This spray-on concrete finish can offer a number of benefits for homes and businesses and can be used to create almost any look that you might want.

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Notable Benefits of a Spray Texture

Aside from breathing new life to an old pool deck, here are more key benefits to using knockdown texture on concrete:

  • One of the first that you will notice is that it makes the concrete slip-resistant. Whether you choose to use it around your pool or around your business, it offers greater safety for those walking on the surface.
  • Another benefit here is that it is far cooler than concrete surfaces. A splattered acrylic concrete coating offers a cool, comfortable surface on which to walk, which can be a significant benefit around pools and in other outdoor areas where your family might prefer to go barefoot.
  • Lower maintenance is yet another hallmark of this coating. Because it is nonporous, it will not absorb the colors and minerals to which it is exposed. Any stains or soil can be easily cleaned up, leaving the surface clean and pristine.
  • Creativity is also a high point here. With this concrete resurfacing option, you have access to almost any color that you might want, as well as an unlimited number of design options. This ensures that you are able to customize your concrete to meet your aesthetic needs – whether you want your pool deck to mirror your home’s architecture or satisfy your personal pool deck preferences.
  • It can be installed anywhere you might want. It’s a spray-on coating, so you can have it installed indoors or outdoors, as well as on walkways, in entry areas, around pools, on your driveway, and in your garage, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stampable overlay is the best approach to get stamped concrete over existing concrete. Stampable overlays are thick overlays that can be textured with stamps. These overlays are thicker than microtoppings but not quite as thick as self-leveling overlays.

To aid in the removal procedure, you can utilize pneumatic or electric jackhammers and hammer chisels, or a sledgehammer, hammer, pry bar, and chisels. With your favorite instrument, break the concrete wall into small bits and let the debris fall to the ground as you work.

Here are some pointers on how to texture and paint concrete for patios, walkways, poolsides, sculptures, and other uses.
1. Scrape textures on wet concrete’s surface.
2. While the surface is still pliable, press shapes into the concrete.
3. Material should be embedded in soft cement.
4. Before it hardens, sculpt the surface.

Finalize it with a generous coating of top-coat sealer. These come in either a glossy or clear finish.

The most common way to add texture to concrete paint is through troweling. But for stamped patterns, custom scorelines, and other beautiful patterns, there is a better way. Stamped concrete along with concrete staining is decorative concrete services that can mimic stone and wood. They almost look like the real deal and can turn a boring slab into something memorable to look at.

Enhance the experience now with knockdown texture on concrete pool decks. Call (813) 213-4787 for a free quote!

The pool deck is more than just an extra space around the pool. It is a place to lounge, sunbathe, and do other outdoor activities by the pool. It can even be a place for outdoor dining and night barbecues with neighbors and friends. Decorative Concrete Tampa is one of the trusted pool decking contractors along with stamped & concrete driveway services in the area.  We make sure that we provide a reliable solution to answer the need for a more slip-resistant surface. Our team of installers is highly trained to perform spray-down coating jobs on pool decks, driveways, resurfaced patios and more.

Want to know if it is worth investing in? Give us a call to learn more about your concrete resurfacing options. We offer free consultations and quotes to help you make a sound decision.

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