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Lakeland is a city of Florida named after the numerous lakes surrounding its city limits. It is bound northeast of Tampa and Winter Haven in the West. Aside from the beautiful body of waters, the city is also famous for the classically themed architectures that feature the colorful history of the town. With these, we at Concrete Resurfacing Lakeland keep up with the city by providing decorative solutions that improve any concrete surface, both in function and form.

In addition, Lakeland thrives in its tourism and citrus production. It is why industrial areas are common. Leisure activities and creative events frequent the city’s way of life.

The classical and county landscapes merge perfectly with modern adaptive designs of decorative concretes. To avail of your updated traditional signature in Lakeland, FL, here now, is Tampa’s top-ranking decorative concrete company. Ready to bring you installation, repair, and coating services for your flooring systems.

Concrete Services Best for Residential and Business Spaces 

Decorative concretes are a well-known flooring system among industrial spaces. Today, homeowners are also after the benefits of concrete surfaces. It is the most cost-efficient flooring technology that innovates interiors. Not only that, but it also provides maximum protection for homes. 

stamped concrete patio tampa1. Stamped Overlays: Ideal for Stamped Concrete Lakeland FL

Match the lavish outdoor lifestyle of the community with polished outdoor concretes. Stamped overlays make a strong and beautiful accent to your business space’s overall exterior. Through resurfacing, a high-end commercial area can evolve your driveways, patios, and pool decks.

epoxy garage floors tampa2. Epoxy Flooring: Enjoy the Best Epoxy Coated Floor

When you go for epoxy coatings, you can save not only time and effort but also save money. Epoxy floors are the quickest process to create perfectly polished and lasting slabs. It suits both commercial and residential spaces. It is the reason why an epoxy coated floor is highly in-demand today. It provides the most durable flooring system. It is not only suited in your homes but also in your business spaces.

stained concrete tampa3. Stained Concrete Lakeland FL

When you need to look for a variety of designs and textures, stained concretes are your best options. They make high-end flooring systems for homes and leisure spaces. It is high-resistant to stains and other damages from natural causes. It keeps a well-maintained floor, that is easy to clean, and will surely last a lifetime.

This flooring system has homeowners using it, too, for its trendy designs. The stained method has two ways of installing, the acid-based and water-based. 

decorative concrete tampa4. Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

Polyurea coating is one of the latest concrete refinishing trends today. It gives a more advanced look to your garage floors and basement. Also, it is known best for its one-day coating process. It’s fast and efficient best for industrial use.

knock down texture tampa5. Acrylic Concrete Coating

Another advanced pool deck resurfacing method is the acrylic coating. It is a type of a spray knockdown finish famous for its slip-resistant texture. The acrylic coating is the one for you if you need the most effective coating for your patios, pool decks, and driveways, especially with frequent exposure to human activities and foot traffic.

Installation Areas 

Concrete overlays and coatings have unlimited texture and color scheme combinations. They make perfect flooring systems to your pool decks, garage floors, patios, and driveways. They also suit interior levels with high foot traffic. The polish and penetrating strength of concrete floors is best for areas where there are regular tourism activities. The areas include malls, hotels, restaurants, and places for hosting events. 

Decorative concretes are very versatile. You can customize your choices and have your design translated into your properties. What looks good in your garage basement might also be suitable for your living rooms or kitchen floors. Adding to the creative and functional purpose of epoxy coatings and concrete textures is their no-match surface quality. Try next, integrating concretes and epoxy in your kitchen counter tables.  Plan your next home improvement project with our very own concrete contractors today!

Get the latest flooring trends in the market today and be updated with exclusive offers that you can avail from our services. As early as now, make that first step to know the possible options for applying floor resurfacing, installation, or restoration in your properties. 

Best Coastal Color Concretes in Lakeland

stamped concrete pool deck tampaThe subdued county vibe synchronizes the waterscapes diffused in the city. The textures mimicked by stamped overlays and coatings blend well with the city’s natural aesthetics. Make the best use of coastal-inspired colors and designs when improving your home flooring systems. Create classy looking outdoor spaces with the coastal color palette that matches your residential area. Our expert contractors with an outstanding talent for designs help you install perfect coastal-inspired stamped concrete Lakeland FL in your homes.

The application process for resurfacing your floors with a unique, elegant design is one of the most tricky treatments for outdoor pavements. It takes certified and experienced contractors to render the best result. We got you covered! Our company will connect you with our reliable team artists, designers, and handymen.

The Process is Easy

decorative concrete tampaConcrete floors last a lifetime. With advanced technology, aesthetics, and quality unite in one reliable product, such as its decorative concrete specialties. Instantly transform a dull pavement into an appealing finishing in your residential and commercial space in Lakeland, Fl. 

Now, you can avail of excellent services right at your doorsteps. Contact our contractors now! Get free estimates of the installation or restoration process of your choice. 

Aesthetics Imbued with Fascinating Architectural Facts

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Lakeland FloridaLakeland’s fascinating architectural heritage makes the city famous with historical wealth. The well-known Frank Lloyd Wright architectures make American architecture known worldwide, and it is found here in Florida. With resurfacing services, houses lasting for years will achieve a polished finish to their floors and exteriors through concrete restoration and resurfacing that our company is best known for.

 Also found in the city is the Polk Museum of Arts, showcasing the collection of contemporary American and Asian masterpieces. It just shows the community’s timeless and polished aesthetics. Preserving the textures that reflect the classics is possible with stamps bearing the traditional concrete designs.

 Adding to the city’s historical nature is Fantasy of Flight, a museum reflecting the American aviation history. It presents vintage aircraft collections and flight simulations. In this way, the city’s tourism flourishes. Using concrete overlays to your establishment’s flooring systems will stand the increasing foot traffic. There is no other service that will provide you with durable and beautiful floor accents. It is the polished concrete Lakeland Fl that inevitably brings low-cost, high-efficient housing and building solutions.

Looking for decorative concrete services for your business properties? Hire the best commercial concrete expert and one of the premier concrete contractors in Lakeland FL. Call (813) 213-4787 today! Free, no-obligation quote!

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