Cool and Warm Colors: Which Works Best for Outdoor Concrete?

Color is an essential element when designing a home. For outdoor concrete surfaces, stained concrete is the most popular method of adding color. Choosing the right color, it is important to consider the basic distinction between cool and warm hues. This simple guide should help you determine the purpose of each one and choose the right one for the concrete space you wish to enhance.

Cool Colors

stained concrete

Included in this category are blue, green, and purple shades. This type of color has a soothing effect. A feeling that you are calm and cool, hence the name.

It is ideal to use on small concrete spaces because it has the ability to make the area look distant and more spacious than it really is especially when there is a clear blue sky overhead.

Warm Colors

stained concrete patio
This includes red, yellow, and orange, the same colors associated with sunrise and sunsets. As the name suggests, these colors make a person feel warm and energized. Similar to dark colors, warm colors are used in large areas that need to look smaller.

If you have an outdoor space that needs to look cozier, like a patio, the use of warm concrete stain colors can make it look smaller, more vibrant, and less intimidating.

Choosing the Right Color Combination

To achieve balance in the use of color for outdoor spaces, there are certain combinations that will work best with the setup that you have. It can be quite tricky but here are some suggestions:

  • If you have a fireplace or fire pit in your patio, a combination of both warm and cool colors on a stamped concrete surface will make the floor a lot interesting when the flickering lights of the fire reflect on them.
  • On a pool deck, the warm colors of browns and reds will look great as it sits in contrast to the cool blue of the pool water.
  • Warm colors will also look great on your concrete surface like driveways surrounded by lush greenery. The contrast will definitely enhance each other’s vibrancy.

Cool and warm colors work great for outdoor concrete spaces. It is a matter of balancing both to achieve the benefits they offer. With the proper combination, your outdoor space will get the best of both worlds. If you need further help in choosing the right colors, consult an expert in stained concrete or home design. Want to learn more? Read our blog on Why Concrete Resurfacing Is Essential to your Home’s Improvement.

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