Pool Deck Problems During Cold Weather

It’s the middle of the winter. The snow gets thicker, and the breeze brings colder air. The winter feels so evident by the clothes people wear and the holiday decors that you see around. Your pool decks also show the severe impact of the non-stop heavy snow and freeze covering the entire surface.

snow on a swimming pool

The thick ice on the pool and around its decks tells you that you will soon need the experts of pool deck repair.

The 411 on Winter Effect on the Pool Deck Repair

You must have prepared beforehand and winterized the swimming pools already. However, suppose the ice keeps getting massive. In that case, it is sure that you will encounter the winter effect on the outdoor concrete in your properties. So, what should you do as a homeowner?

You should know how to tell the damages winter brings on the concrete. Today’s blog will help you answer all your concrete during the cold weather 411.

swimming pool during winter

The Common Cold Weather Damages on The Pool Decks

When the cold temperature makes concrete decks expand, expect cracks or thin creases to appear. That is a common damage to the material due to several factors. But there are more of those damages you need to watch out for. Read on and find out!

1. Leaking Cracks

The evident sign of a crack is something severe and needs repair is a leak. Water would leak on the surface of the deck due to chains of different causes:

  • Frozen pump
  • Bracks and cracks on the filter
  • Concrete pool flooring cracks
  • The pools slabs crumble due to freeze-thaw expansion
  • Cracks on the pipes of the pool-water system

These scenarios would lead to water leaking from the pipes of the water filter systems. Soon, the leaks will weaken the surface of the concrete.

2. Pool Pump Damages Due to Freeze

You know the frustration when you sip a straw to drink the juice from a can or bottle, but all you get is air? What’s happening? That dilemma goes the same with your pool pump. After the freezing period, the pump may get blocked by air pressure or even melting ice that blocks the pump’s air and water passages.

pool deck covered with snow

Pool pumps that froze happened when the swimming pool system was not properly winterized. Search and read about how to winterize the pool next. A certain step that a pool pump is responsible for is called priming. When the pool pump fails to prime, you should have a professional maintenance team check the system. There could be cracks on the pipe or the device or motor that needs repair.

3. Pool Skimmer does not Skim Due to Freezing

Consider our third one as the worst type of damage that winter can do to a whole pool system. The skimmer is responsible for skimming out excess water levels in the pool and bringing them inside the filter to clean out debris and dirt that the water captured on the surface. It helps keep the pool water clean and clear.

During winter, water could come inside the skimmer, and as it freezes, the ice expands and creates cracks on the skimmer.

4. Pool Deck Damages

Last but not least are the damages that happen to the pool deck. Consider the decks as the infantry battalion of the entire swimming pool troop. It is the frontline when the winter battle begins.

The decks are the most prone to cracks due to ice that causes concrete expansion. The cold temperature causes a pool deck crack to need an expert’s treatment. When this happens, you should immediately get in touch with your local pool deck contractor to aid the cracks and dents and seal any leakages as well.

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