The Role of Pool Deck Resurfacing in Hurricane Preparedness

When you look out the window, see a dark sky, and look down, you see cracks and dirt on your pool deck. Do you feel anxious? If you care about your house, you might first worry about what a hurricane will do to your outdoor areas and how it will affect you.

Suppose you live in Tampa, where hurricanes always visit. In that case, you may be familiar with any floor debris coming at you and your other properties. That’s why it is best to have a pool deck resurfacing in Tampa before it’s too late. 

Even if you live elsewhere, you should still learn why pool deck resurfacing is substantial before hurricanes or natural disasters.  

Why Hurricane Proof The Pool Deck By Resurfacing?

Knowing your pool and home’s importance makes it easy to see why your pool deck needs to be safe. Here are four reasons you should do it now and before any storms.  

1. Includes Inspection You Need

The first step in resurfacing a pool deck is always an inspection, which can help you prepare for a hurricane. A general inspection is also better because you can see if a problem on the surface is a deeper problem that you need to fix.

Suppose you find out that your pool, water features, fireplace, or landscaping need help. In that case, you can gain more control over the situation and keep your home safer than before.

pool decking stained

2. Revitalized Floor

A concrete floor that has just been refinished is like a Nintendo game character whose XP health has been restored. You already have an inspected floor and new materials, so it takes time to break.

3. Expect Low To No Damage To Nearby Properties

When you fix small cracks in your pool deck, you stop them from getting bigger and damaging your pool system. Even though hairline cracks are typical in pool decks, it’s still best to be sure that pool decks won’t hurt any nearby properties.

One of the most expensive things you own is the pool. If you ensure the surface and holders around the pool won’t fall in and damage the pool system, your funds will remain safe after the hurricane.

4. Available Floor Warranty

You will get a floor warranty when you resurface your pool deck for the first time with a new concrete pool deck resurfacing company. Some companies that fix up pool decks and concrete give a one- to five-year warranty. 

Some also add natural disasters to the list of things that make you eligible for a warranty, while others don’t. That’s why it’s best to communicate with them and ask how you can best prepare for hurricanes if you live in areas prone to them.

To Protect Pool Deck Is To Protect Life

Even though many people agree that things are “only a property,” it is still indeed property! A person owns it, and how something is used always affects the life of the person who owns it. If you don’t take care of your property, your property may show it in many ways and pay it back to you or innocent people. 

Finding pool deck resurfacing options that work for you is always possible. A hurricane is a hazardous natural disaster, and you should try to stop damage even before it happens.

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