Post-Holiday TLC for Your Tampa Pool Deck with Resurfacing

When the holidays have come and gone, in a few days, you will begin to see the trails of the life and afterlife of parties and together. With lights still twinking, the pool deck areas may look slightly dim due to neglect.

We’re over some post-holiday TLC on your backyard pool’s concrete surfaces and giving it some pampering after it serves its purpose.

Here is a guide for you to restore the former glory of your backyard pool oasis.!
Tampa pool deck owners for Decorative Concrete Tampa are here to guide you through restoring your oasis to its former glory!

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Tampa Pool Deck Resurfacing: Breathe New Life After the Holidays

When the holidays are over and the parties are out, the pool decks will emerge, and it’s apparent that it has seen better days!

Here are some of the undesirable sites on the decks that you may encounter:

  • Cracks creeping in
  • Discolored surfaces
  • Sun-bleached pool deck coatings
  • Dull and worn-out concrete pool decks

If you are seeing this when the holiday lights are out, it’s time for professionals to restore and revive the pool deck texture coatings Tampa and transform your outdoor and backyard concrete.

The sun and pool chemicals in Tampa can be harsh, but with the knowledge and experience of Decorative Concrete Tampa, you can select from a range of resurfacing options:

1- Cool Deck Knockdown Texture

There’s a good reason why Tampa loves this spray-on finish. The pool deck knockdown finish is excellent for walking on bare feet, is non-slip, and has an infinite color customization option.

2- Epoxy Pebbles

A new technology is emerging in the pool decking market. These are a dream come true for those looking for extra luxury underfoot.
A gorgeous, spa-like atmosphere is created by polished, smooth pebbles embedded in a long-lasting epoxy resin setting. It is ideal for barefoot parties or lounging by the pool.

pool deck epoxy pebbles

3- Overlays of Stamped and Stained Concrete

Do you love the appearance of natural stone, brick, or even wood but want to avoid paying a high price for it?

Overlays made of stamped concrete are the solution. This method gives your pool area an instant sense of sophistication by simulating the texture and beauty of premium materials.

4- Epoxy and Acrylic Coatings

Use a rainbow of hues and textures to bring your pool deck to life. With countless options available, from striking metallics to traditional solids, epoxy and acrylic coatings allow your pool deck to reflect your style.

Concrete Care: The Tampa Pool Deck Resurfacing Process

Your Tampa concrete pool deck is an investment, and that said, you need to give it the TLC it needs. Doing so will ensure that the material will last for decades and see more holidays to come!

After learning the best covering and TLC coating solutions, you can apply them after the season when they are overused and know how to use the materials to their full potential.

Here are some additional tips to keep your pool deck looking its best:

Frequent Cleaning

To avoid dirt and algae buildup, sweep away debris and hose down the surface regularly.

Chemical Balance

To prevent etching and discoloration of your concrete deck, maintain the right chemistry in your pool water.

Seal and Protect

To keep your deck safe from the harsh Florida sun and chemicals found in pools, apply a protective sealer regularly.

Decorative Concrete Tampa: Your Go-To Source for Restoring Pool Decks

Keep your pool deck free of the post-holiday blues.

Be reminded that the best is what your Tampa pool deck deserves. Give it the post-holiday care it needs, and work with Decorative Concrete Tampa to create a backyard haven you’ll enjoy for many years.

Get a free consultation by contacting Decorative Concrete Tampa right now.

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