Concrete Patio Tampa, FL: Superior Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair Solutions

Concrete patio exposed in sun

Adding concrete patios to homes has become a very colorful way to maximize your usable outdoor space and enhance your options. Whether you have a life-filled swimming pool that needs vibrant decking or you want a spacious area in which to place your grill, concrete patios can offer you the solutions that you need. One of the first things that you will want to consider is the location of your lively poolside patio.

This will determine several things, including the finish and color options for your pool decks that you ultimately choose. For instance, if your patio will be sheltered mainly by walls and a roof, then you can choose from a wide array of vibrant finishes.

However, if your patio will be outdoors and directly exposed to the harsh weather and elements in Tampa, then you need to make sure that your finish is as durable as possible. Hence, we, the leading concrete contractors in Tampa Florida, are here to do the job!

Recommended Concrete Patio Options: Resurfacing, Refinishing, Repair

Patio designs are almost limitless – your imagination, stone, brick, and pavers are really the only constraints here. You can make use of a number of patio designs that offer style and beauty, incorporating different concrete finishes, as well as the natural charm of stone, the timeless appeal of brick, or the versatility of pavers. These elements will play an important role in the ultimate design of your outdoor space.

  • Resurfacing – Because a patio is exposed to different types of outdoor elements, wear and tear may soon be evident on the surface, requiring the need to resurface it. Resurfacing is the process of replacing the damaged top layer with new material, like a concrete overlay or a spray down concrete system, to renew its look and purpose. Popular resurfacing options are stamped concrete and spray knockdown texture.
  • Refinishing –If the top layer of your pool deck in Tampa is in good condition and just needs a new finish, there are decorative concrete refinishing methods that can work wonders. Staining the pool deck gives it a fresh look and adds interesting patterns to its surface, creating a more vibrant hue. Sealing the concrete patio in Tampa is essential to prevent the concrete from absorbing dirt and moisture, while also providing a protective layer that adds a bit of shine.
  • Concrete Repair – There are many damaging elements out there that could affect the look and function of a concrete patio. Cracks and holes can be easily repaired through restoration, as long as the cause does not involve something deeper and more extensive. Resurfacing and refinishing are actually ideal repair methods. Other repair options include custom scoring, which is a good solution for moving slabs or working cracks.

Make the most out of your patio in Tampa FL with stunning overlays and pool deck resurfacing. Whether you desire a beautifully stamped concrete surface or simply wish to refinish it, we've got you covered. Call (813) 213-4787 today for more ideas and to receive free expert advice!

No matter what you hope to achieve with your outdoor concrete patio in terms of design, layout, and finish, the key is to work with the right company. Not all concrete companies are capable of providing concrete stamping, nor do all companies have the experience and expertise to provide the perfect finish for your application. Experience one of the best Tampa concrete companies that offers the services you need. We make sure that we maintain a reputation for construction speed, staying on budget, and overall customer satisfaction. Contact us today to request a free consultation and quote from one of the leading concrete contractors in Tampa FL.

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