Stamped Concrete Tampa, FL: First-Rate Concrete Coatings for Home and Business Spaces

Achieving the look that you want for your interior floors and outdoor areas can be difficult. While you can certainly use stone, brick, and cobblestone to do this, the sheer cost alone can be immense. In Florida, many Tampa homeowners have turned to concrete as an affordable, durable alternative to these expensive options. The designs embrace concrete for its cost-effectiveness and long-lasting properties. However, did you know that concrete can do more than just work as a passable alternative? It can mirror the look and feel of almost any surface with stamped concrete overlays Tampa.

Choose from various stamped concrete patterns with us! We have stamp matts and the tools to get that texture you want to achieve. Get a stamped concrete pool deck, driveway, patio, walkway, and even interior floors! We’re one call away!

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Concrete Stamping and Stamped Overlay Tampa Fl

Stamped concrete is a means of resurfacing your surfaces, allowing you to make your concrete look like another material – wood, stone, brick, and more. This can also be done on a new slab that was meant to replace an old one that is damaged beyond repair, by applying a sealer to prevent cracks and stains, and facilitating easy removal if necessary.

However, for existing homes with a structurally sound concrete already in place, the traditional option of removing the old material is expensive and time-consuming. A better option is a stamped overlay. Essentially, this concrete coating Tampa is a thin layer applied to an existing concrete surface and imprinted with textures or patterns. For instance, if you have a plain pool deck area, then concrete coatings Tampa overlay can give you the look of brick or natural stone. It can be patterned and colored as well, ensuring that you are able to achieve exactly the look and style that you want. The average price for a Tampa stamped concrete project is between $10 and $20 per square foot.

Stamped Concrete Overlays Installation Process on Concrete Floors

This custom concrete solution is can be done on both old and new concrete slabs. Stamped concrete patterns are applied while a new pour sets.

Step 1: For existing concrete, the surface is first prepared. Cleaning is done and any damage is repaired.

Step 2: The concrete coating overlay is installed on the surface and then spread evenly across the surface. For newly installed concrete, the installer waits until it is a bit firmer for an imprint to hold out.

Step 3: While wet, the stamp mats for the specific design the project calls for is laid out onto the overlay and tapped just a bit until it creates an imprint.

If you’re in Tampa, FL and looking for all services related to stamped concrete, we can help! Staining the stamped concrete surface is done if desired or if you are trying to replicate a specific flooring or paving material. For natural stone designs, the colors are manually added for a more artistic and realistic look. With our endless options, we can create a stunning stamped driveway or a stamped concrete pool deck that will be sure to impress. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Decorative Concrete Tampa
Fancy a stone or brick surface? Upgrade your concrete floors now! Work with an expert! Call (813) 213-4787 for more info on concrete coatings Tampa & stamped overlays and receive a free estimate. We are among the best stamped concrete contractors based in the Tampa FL area for the job.

If having stamped concrete driveways patios, or pool decks sound like an excellent way to increase the beauty of your home and outdoor areas, you’re correct. However, you will have to find the right decorative concrete company in Tampa for your needs. Working with the wrong company is never a good decision, especially with a process that requires this much expertise and knowledge. The best option is to give Decorative Concrete Tampa a call for questions, a flawless finish, and top-notch resurfacing service. We offer complimentary consults that allow customers to convey their desires and concerns, without having to worry about any price quotes.

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