Recommended Concrete Overlays for Your Pool deck

There are many options when it comes to concrete overlay for pool deck. You can choose between simple dyeing and staining. You can also have the surface engraved or stamped. Thickness can also vary. The overlay can be as thin as a credit card. Some choose to have more than an inch of concrete overlay. If you are working on your pool deck, here are some recommendations on concrete overlays.

Many people would love to have concrete overlays to cover the boring natural gray color of concrete. Overlays are actually a wise choice for almost all colors are possible. Most people would choose earth colors like brown to contrast with the pool’s blue color.

An engraved concrete overlay is ideal because they reduce the slippery factor. Engraving can be done in many concrete structures. It can also be done for old and new concrete pool decks as long as that there are no cracks. If there are cracks, you need to have them repaired prior to the installation of concrete overlay.

You may have also seen pool decks that were stamped or stenciled. Normally, there is a patterned to be followed. There are machines to do the job. They ensure consistency on size and shapes.

If you are on a budget, the concrete pool decks can be simply stained or colored just to change its look. They are a cheaper option. The contractors would simply spray the color you want. It is also possible to give the pool deck a texture through spray down systems.

When adding a concrete overlay on your pool deck, it is better to mix cement with polymer resins. They give a high level of slip resistance. You should also ask your contractor for overlays that will be sturdy enough not to be damaged by the sun’s UV rays or chemicals in the pool water.

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