Elevate Your Garage Floor with Reflective Epoxy Flooring

The scorching sun in Tampa is ruthless, and thus, getting the best garage flooring there could pose a problem. For homeowners looking for durable flooring that is also easy to maintain, reflective epoxy flooring is a superb option.

Different colors, coatings, and design options make reflective epoxy flooring turn your garage into an aesthetic yet practical environment.

garage floor with cabinet

What is Reflective Epoxy Flooring?

A kind of flooring is made of blending Epoxy resin with the hardener, called reflective epoxy flooring. It is skillfully smoothed onto a concrete floor to create a glossy surface. 

Its reflective property makes a place look brighter and larger, thereby welcoming and making people feel at home therein.

Stylish Appearance

The reflective epoxy flooring comes with an excellent visual appeal as one of the benefits. It comes in an array of colors and finishes, which means that one could select the shade that would fit his home décor easily. Epoxy resins are reflective, which makes the space modern in appearance.

Trends in Reflective Epoxy Flooring

Some of these trends in reflective epoxy flooring in Tampa, FL, are fashioned toward fulfilling local tastes and preferences. These trends include:

Reflective Flakes

The epoxy resin contains small, reflective flakes. The glitter on the floor is made from these flakes, so there are bits of sparkle on the floor, looking nice. However, these items are really popular with those who have something distinctive to say about garage style.

white car inside the garage area

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A special type of metallic epoxy flooring comprises metallic pigments. It creates an actual shiny metal look that completely changes the atmosphere and look of your garage. The metallic sheen brings about an element of luxury to the area.

Custom Designs

The epoxy flooring can also come in different patterns, graphics as well as several available colors. It is, hence, suitable for corporate and residential use in customized decorations of the floors of the garages. 

Creating an exclusive design will turn your garage into a very special and different one.

How to Install Reflective Epoxy Flooring

If you’re considering the installation of reflective epoxy flooring in your Tampa garage, here are the steps to follow:

1 - Prepare the Concrete Floor

Begin with extensive floor cleaning, repairing damages, and filling out cracks. Appropriate surface preparation is necessary for the correct application of the epoxy.

applying epoxy coating using a roller

2 - Apply Primer

Use a primer on the floor to improve epoxy resin bonding. Point A primer is put on the concrete layer so the epoxy flooring can have a firm grip.

3 - Apply Epoxy Resin and Hardener

After that, a layer of the primer should be applied, followed by the mixture of the epoxy resin and hardener on the floor surface. The epoxy resin should be applied uniformly, allowing it to cure in accordance with its manufacturer’s instructions.

Tips for Choosing Reflective Epoxy Flooring

When selecting reflective epoxy flooring for your Tampa garage, keep these tips in mind:

Complementary Color

Pick a color that matches your existing décor and blends into general styles in your garage.

gray metallic garage floor, gleaming with a polished finish, showcasing a sportscar

Appropriate Finish

Think about the amount of traffic in your garage. If it is a high-traffic area, it may need a stronger type of finish, which can take more abuse.

Professional Installation

Hire a reliable contractor with experience in epoxy flooring. Ensure that a professional installs your project since only professional installations give floors durability and longevity.

Transform your Space with a New Garage Floor

So, what would be your definition of a perfect garage? Is it a large building filled with prized vintage cars? It may only refer to a nicely organized open parking area. The definition of a redesigned garage varies among people, but there is no doubt whatsoever that it increases your home’s value.

The dream garage should be a comfortable space that leaves an impression on visitors, and this is achievable with appropriate design.

Finally, reflective epoxy flooring, including decorative concrete, provides Tampa garage owners with a practical and beautiful option. It is a fantastic choice for bringing about such a transformation in the interior of a garage because there are lots of styles, variations, and perfect set-ups to choose from.

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