Why You Need to Seal Your Driveways

You could look for many positive reasons why you should seal driveways and still fail to do it. Words of affirmation are not enough. Today’s post will guide you to the real deal of why your driveway floors deserve your attention. It is not enough that you keep the concrete space unharmed. Applying a concrete sealing Tampa enhances the function of the outdoor floors, which improves safety among the car parkways in your properties.

large driveway in a suburban area

Real Reasons Why You Should Seal Your Driveways

Get to know the real reasons why concrete driveway sealers are a real stealer. You got five practical proofs for sealing driveways.

1. Wild Weather

Hurricanes are scary. Not to exaggerate but imagine if your car’s parkways get left in the open when the weather changes daily. It may not be a hurricane that you want to protect the driveways from. But a constant expansion due to heat and contraction when humidity alters will cause the concrete driveway paths to crack.

Do not forget when winter comes. Snow piling up the driveways needs regular de-icing, so you can seamlessly use the path and drive through it. De-icers contain salt compounds that target the steel reinforcements in the concrete. If not sealed, the salt and melted compound can quickly enter the underlying slabs and rebars underneath it.

heavy rain pouring down

You can prevent this from happening when you apply concrete sealers to the outdoor floors’ surfaces.

2. Oil or Fluid Leaks

This number two reason is a common scenario. However, when you become too familiar with this condition, you tend to leave the situation as is. 


Admit it. You have ignored taking care of the driveways from oil and grease from the engines. 

car oil on a concrete driveway

You could do so if you got the concrete driveway surfaces applied with sealant. But what if you don’t?

Do get too used to oils and grease staining the driveway surface. Do not even wait for the rain to wash the surface. Do your maintenance.


A regular cleaning and pressure washing will suffice but applying a driveway sealer onto the floor will lead to the best result. 

3. After Heavy Snowfall

This fourth reason is just an emphasis on the first item. There is no wilder than heavy snowfall. If you need driveway sealing under typical weather to counter the climate’s impact, what more when extreme ones come. 

man shoveling snow off the driveway

And not only will you need to protect the concrete from de-icer, but even after the winter season has gone, there are common issues that the snow leaves behind, making the concrete in its dying state.

Apply sealers on the driveway’s concrete surface when you encounter the following after the snow:

  • Spalling
  • Scaling
  • Cracking
  • Excessive water


Know some preventive measures to this winter issue next. Stay tuned for our future blog posts.

4. If you plan to sell soon

You do have a reason to seal the driveway floors if you plan to sell soon. Your party value will increase if you have a well-maintained driveway. Driveways are a steal for a home buyer. Usually, real estate listings would post pictures of the property for sale. And if your driveway is a stunner, then you got the deal!

for sale sign in front of a house


A nice bare concrete is practical to have; also, it is naturally easy to maintain. But do not settle to a standard look if you can have ways to increase the materials’ quality and sustain for the coming years. Contact your local decorative contractor and get a quotation for your driveways to be sealed.

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