Different Styles of Stained Concrete Floors

Staining concrete is one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to improve the curb appeal of any flooring, whether in a home or a commercial building. It is also versatile, with many options for the various colors and styles you want to achieve.

To begin your project of revamping your floors, you must first learn the popular styles people use with concrete stains. While this blog can help those needing ideas, it is best to pair it with professional concrete staining Tampa companies to hire.

The Different Styles You can Achieve with Stained Concrete

There are many different ways to get different styles of stained concrete. Look at each item on this list and carefully decide if it’s what your floor needs. You can do that by doing test samples as well.

Natural and Transparent

A natural concrete stain on your surface is a cinch to apply. It leaves behind a glistening matte finish that looks great on driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and patios. Some of the easy steps in the process include testing how much water the surface can hold, cleaning the surface, and applying the stain with a long nap roller.

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Classic Stained

One of the best ways to demonstrate timeless elegance on your flooring is with classic stained concrete. Classic stains typically have deep, rich earth tones and use shades of brown, red, blue, and green. Some colors are applied with a brush or sponge for a dramatic effect.

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Marble Like Floors

Faux marble using stains is one of the most creative innovations ever invented in flooring designs. You can make your floor look like marble or any natural stone by applying a clear sealer to the concrete before staining it with an eyedropper or an artist’s brush. Spraying layers of acid stains that have been diluted will also give the stained concrete more depth. 

Art-Inspired Stained Concrete

Since you can score concrete, consider pairing it with concrete stains. You can give your floor an abstract Picasso-like look by cutting curves, which looks more interesting than a simple grid. Try a grid pattern with a gentle arch in the middle or circles with lines radiating outwardly. You can stain each part differently, like aqua, terracotta, and beige.

"Bowled-Over" (Graphic Art Style)

While playing it safe with staining may be a good idea, simply bowling things over can create a style in concrete staining! You can use graphic designs such as flowing flowers to create an art nouveau style. Moreover, stains can also be used to create a graphic logo on your floor. Don’t worry about being spontaneous! You can later clean it up with a nap roller and blend as desired.

Happy Staining!

Did any of these suggestions spark a lightbulb in your head? Each room has its character, so make sure your floor complements the space! Also note that a clean, well-inspected surface will hold any concrete styles you will apply. Lastly, never hesitate to be creative and consult professionals.

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