The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Concrete Textures

In this era of functionality and synergy, creating a perfect knockdown texture on concrete is a quest. Popular with pool deck texture coatings in Tampa, the spray texture Tampa is taking home among modern-styled properties. Its features are a marriage of function and visual appeal.

It is the epitome of decorative concrete surfaces where comfortable surfaces meet durability and usability. Now, this classic finish is becoming popular and more innovative with new textures and techniques in achieving them.

Also, depending on who you work with, distinct results set your decorative floor apart from typical textured concrete in your property. You can learn more from your local experts of knockdown texture Tampa company that there are various kinds of textures for concrete floor surfaces.

Buckle up, for you will be guided to the multifaceted knockdown finish application process. Here is your ultimate guide

outdoor pool with spray knockdown floor

Understanding Concrete Textures

You are now entering a deeper understanding of concrete texture. Texturing is a process where the raw cement mix is used to put decorative patterns on the surface.

These textures are applied on different surfaces, ceilings, walls, and floorings. While its main feat is texturing, it can produce many looks, from rough to smooth to polished.

Depending on your preferences as the property owner. You can ask your local knockdown finish contractor to match the texturing to the overall theme of your property. It is possible to achieve a texture according to your requirements since there are different ways to create the patterns.

There are several methods of creating texture, not just one. It is not only limited to the classic knockdown finish common to concrete patios and concrete pool decks.

Your Path to Perfect Knockdown Texture on Concrete

So now, let us figure out how different textures on concrete floors can be achieved. You will need tools for doing this. And from having the appropriate tools, you will need the skills and expertise of the professionals to create bespoke textures that will look perfect in your properties.

Tools for Making the Knockdown Concrete Finish

The knockdown texture on concrete can be achieved using different tools and techniques.

First, prepare the tools. Using appropriate tools, you can work on the concrete mix to create unique decorative finishes on the surface.

The basic tools you need to have are:


the trowel is your friend in creating even surfaces, but this is also the one who makes the magic on knockdown finishes.

power trowel tool


A metal broom is used to create a finer texture with linear patterns and is also responsible for crafting what is known as the “brushed” texture.

spray knockdown using broom


Its basic role is to roll the sprayed coating. Using them makes knocking the spray textured down on the concrete floor surface much easier.

Stamping Tools

You also have stamping tools for a more specific process of stamping the concrete mix as to how it is used with overlays.

man using a stamping tool on the concrete

Techniques: Exploring Knockdown Texture on Concrete

Your professional contractor will now use specific tools to achieve a certain pattern.

Brushed Concrete for Concrete Driveways

Driveways can make use of textured concrete. With a strike of the brush or broom, it makes screeded surfaces that are great for driveway areas.

The brush technique is quite simple. Using a trowel, the coating is spread evenly on the surface. Next, the broom is applied in an even, light, single stoke on the fresh concrete to achieve the broom effect.

concrete floor driveway

Classic Knockdown Texture for Any Outdoor Surface

Achieving the classic spray knockdown texture is uncomplicated once you have the brush roller. The main material used for knockdown spray coating is an acrylic-epoxy.

The coating is distributed on the surface using a hopper gun. Once it is sprayed on the surface, it will create peak-like patterns.

Driving the brush roller will knock down the coating before it dries up. The result is a distinct seamless texture on the concrete surface.    

spray knockdown patio

Custom Trowel Finish for Patios and Outdoor Living Areas

Trowelling down the coating is the classic trick for knockdown texture on a concrete surface.

You can expand your ideas and personalize the texting patterns from the method above.
Using the magic tool, the trowel, you can create more unique motions when firmly tapping down the sprayed coating.

You can use a dual motion from left to right to create finer, screeded surfaces. Instead of the typical look of blotchy patterns, you can use other options to define a way that suits your style.

trowel finish concrete flooring

How The Right Concrete Texture can Enhance Aesthetics and Functionality

Aesthetics without function is a big NO for professional contractors of exquisite knockdown finishes. That is why they encourage every home and business owner to resurface their outdoors with the right concrete texture by professionals.

Aside from its endless canvas of visual effects, concrete textures can also create different tactile sensations.

The most important feature of concrete textures is their enhanced traction and comfortable feel. The possibility of a visually pleasing, seamless surface can also be safe, non-slip, and looks exquisite at every turn!

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